Act 2

“The Drop”

We designed “The Drop” to go after the so-called architects. On June 22, 2018, a giant rendering of a heroin spoon–800 pounds and 11 feet long–was dropped at the doorstep of OxyContin drugmaker Purdue Pharma by Gallery exhibition organizers and the artist. It was here that Fernando Luis Alvarez, Gallery Founder: “Opioid: Express Yourself! creator and founder of “The Spoon Movement” was arrested as he took responsibility for the work’s installation as they were being threatened with a felony by the police. Artist Dominic Esposito was not arrested.

“The Gift”

In concert with The Spoon Movement’s mission of accountability, we created the second step of our activist work which is to “Gift” the first of any of our artwork “Drop(s)” to Attorney Generals that are not only going after the corporations behind the epidemic but also the individual perpetrators: the senior-level people and/or families behind the epidemic.

We are strong believers that at the end of the day, it is people behind these corporations who need to be held accountable for these man-made epidemics.

In Act 2 The Spoon Movement embraces it’s full potential. Designed as a platform for civic engagement, we Open Source the Movement providing artists and the community at large with the platform opportunity to bring the architects of the opioid epidemic to justice through public art actions.

Artists throughout the US and around the globe are invited to contribute their skills towards enacting social change. We invite them to create their own Opioid Spoon version–our symbolic tool seeking the correct type accountability! The community at large is invited to nominate and recommend “architects” and their sites we can go after, be it corporations, politicians and doctors.

With your help, we can expedite our mission to raise public awareness and demand the right type accountability against the architects of this epidemic—one spoon at a time!