The Opioid Spoon

The Spoon Movement

The Gallery’s plan and strategy to make this more than just an exhibition launched “The Spoon Movement” –guerrilla installations that seek to create awareness and move the needle forward. In what we consider the “right type of accountability”, after being “dropped”, the sculptures are “gifted” to the State Attorney General holding the architects of the opioid epidemic accountable through legal action. “The Spoon Movement” was also developed to continuously remind the hundreds of thousands of families that someone is seeking the right accountability on their behalf.

The opioid spoon

The Opioid Spoon symbolizes the “open source” idea and platform behind the Spoon Movement and stands as a direct symbol of the opioid epidemic. It is intended for all to engage their artistic talents and make their own versions of the Opioid Spoon. In doing so, they are taking action to hold the architects of this crisis accountable. From the time our Movement’s founder conceived of and created this idea, he envisioned a village of artists working to construct their own versions of the Spoon – and in every medium from performance art to painting to installation work.

In the making the first Spoon, done by Domenic Esposito, we spent countless hours and trips to his studio to shape, advise and form the sculpture to what it became for the June 22, 2018, drop (link to drop section). Today, we continue this action and mentorship by advising career artists as they join us and work to offer their own Spoons and other art ideas to the Movement.

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The Drop

We designed “The Drop” to go after the so-called architects. On June 22, 2018, a giant rendering of a heroin spoon–800 pounds and 11 feet long–was dropped at the doorstep of OxyContin drugmaker Purdue Pharma by Gallery exhibition organizers and the artist. It was here that Fernando Luis Alvarez, Gallery Founder: “Opioid: Express Yourself! creator, and founder of “The Spoon Movement” was arrested as he took responsibility for the work’s installation as they were being threatened with a felony by the police. Artist Dominic Esposito was not arrested.

The Gift

In concert with The Spoon Movement’s mission of accountability, we created the second step of our activist work which is to “Gift” the first of any of our artwork “Drop(s)” to Attorney Generals that are not only going after the corporations behind the epidemic but also the individual perpetrators: the senior-level people and/or families behind the epidemic.

We are strong believers that at the end of the day, it is people behind these corporations who need to be held accountable for these man-made epidemics.