Hundreds of thousands had died, hardly anyone was jailed and no one was talking “accountability”

In Act 1, we launched the Movement by targeting the first architect of the opioid epidemic: Purdue Pharma.

Opioid: Express Yourself

For close to two years the Alvarez Gallery in Stamford Connecticut worked on the artist-led group exhibition Opioid: Express Yourself! which featured work by eight career artists including Antuan Rodriguez, John J. Bedoya, Ben Quesnel, Lee Tahl, Clinton Decker, Jason Werner, Matthew Cleary, Nathan Lewis, and art aficionado Domenic Esposito. It was within the preparation for this show that the Gallery created, strategized, lead, and executed the launching of “The Spoon Movement”.

The Movement

The Gallery’s plan and strategy to make this more than just an exhibition launched “The Spoon Movement” –guerrilla installations that seek to create awareness and move the needle forward. In what we consider the “right type of accountability” and after being “dropped”, the sculptures are “gifted” to State Attorney Generals that are holding the architects (of the opioid epidemic) accountable through legal action, specifically the “people” behind the corporations who were involved in causing the epidemic. “The Spoon Movement” was also developed to continuously remind the hundreds of thousands of families that someone is seeking the right accountability on their behalf.

Truth In Numbers!

Hover or click any State to see the that State’s Information. See the numbers in your state and contact your attorney general’s office.

** Map data credits: Health Statics – CDC Contact Info – State’s Official Websites

Civil Suits Don’t Work!

Do the math: They make tens of billions of dollars and pay one to two billion in fines, plus a billion in legal fees. What works in the right of accountability we’re working towards.

Gallerist who placed “Heroin Spoon” Protest Sculpture Outside Purdue Pharma Avoids Jail Time

Sept 18, 2018

Fernando Alvarez was arrested in June for leaving a 300-kilogram steel artwork outside Purdue’s headquarters…

Artist drops 800-Pound Heroin Spoon Outside OxyContin Manufacturer’s Headquarters

June 26, 2018

Artist Dominic Esposito and gallerist Fernando Luis Alvarez delivered the giant sculpture to the doorstep of drugmaker Purdue Pharma…

Protest at Purdue Pharma Headquarters leads to Gallery Owner’s Arrest

June 25, 2018

Fernando Luis Alvarez, the owner of an eponymous gallery in Stamford, Connecticut, was arrested for installing….